A new horizon for banking. 

TM-Pro facilitates and accelerates the transformation of small and medium-sized banks into the digital age by providing a cloud-native platform designed to orchestrate essential banking services in a modular and interoperable manner. As a result, banks can rapidly develop and introduce new frictionless experiences for banking customers at minimal risk and cost. Leveraging years of banking experience inherited from Dutch award-winning Challenger bank Moneyou, which forms the basis of the TM-Pro platform.


A new horizon for banking. 

We build Banking as a Service products.​ With our own software or through strategic partnerships, our platform will cover all the essential services a bank needs to thrive. We do this quicker, better and at lower costs than anybody out there.

‘Tap into the platform that we’ve built on years of banking experience and let your digital journey take flight today.’

Accelerate your digital journey 

Banks are faced with enormous challenges.​ Change in financial services is relentless, competition is fierce, and regulatory pressure is increasing. Product systems are hard to change, and any change comes at high costs. Many new competitors (fintechs and neo banks) have no legacy and can quickly accelerate and innovate. 

We provide banks the way forward.

The TM-Pro platform turns these challenges into opportunities.​ Our modular approach means improved experience and new functionality gets to your customers early on. The openness of our platform makes for easy integration within your banking eco-system. Flawless compliance & security is in our banking DNA.​ The result is continuous innovation, whilst spending less early on and always remaining in control of regulations.

TM-Pro’s Platform products

TM-Pro’s banking as a service platform supports banks with key services & products on top of their existing systems of record. Services and products can be taken off the shelf and embedded into the environment of the customer. Due to the modular approach banks can begin small and mitigate the inherent risk of big transformations. Adding new TM-Pro services to a banks environment prevents heavy integration challenges when choosing the best point solutions.


Our technology beliefs. 

Cloud native as matter of course. AWS serverless for any scale or traffic. Best-in-class tenant isolation. Highest industry standards of vetted compliancy and reliability. We automate ruthlessly to not compromise on security and privacy. We do not react to technology developments. We look ahead and use these where they make sense. We can confidently do this because we design, build and maintain our software with customer value as the key ingredient. 


Deep tracks of experience.

Take a closer look at how we’ve helped our clients with our solutions.


All focus was where it should be: customer features and excellent UX/UI at much higher speeds to market than any competition.


Develop a data lake & user interface for ABN AMRO using state-of-the-art cloud native technology (e.g. Matillion and Redshift).


Providing Payment Service and Family Portal to enable family members access to specific financial and other information on web and mobile.

ASN Bank

Develop a data driven solution supporting the ASN clients where it matters. How to make more sustainable choices in their spending patterns.

We are ready.

Based in Amsterdam and reaching across Europe.

We are developers with business acumen. We are bankers with technology zest. We are orchestrators who know collaboration is key. Amongst ourselves, with customers and with other ecosystem partners.

Natural Born Innovators

We’re passionate about innovation and we value open communication. We do not like bureaucracy and slow-moving organizations, yet we love well-defined processes. We are in the midst of an exciting product transformation. Are you ready to boost your career and put your stamp on open banking?

Boost your bank with TM-Pro