Digital banking. Simplified.

Digital transformation is often a complex process, but at TM-pro we’ve cracked the code. We facilitate transformation of banks with our cloud-native process orchestration platform. We support transformation by optimising the ‘mid layer’ processes in banks with our composable platform that interoperates with your core banking application to ensure smooth and secure transformation of data between all services that underpin your banking operation.


Tap into our platform.

We are here to create value. As we have done over the last decade. We have found each other creating and perfecting outstanding software. We enjoy guiding others on their digital transformation path. To ensure they can focus on their customers. Tap into the platform we have built on years of banking experience. Today.


About TM-Pro.


Early 2011 the team behind The Moneyer accepted the challenge to develop the most advanced online financial management platform in existence.

From 2015 onwards  *as TM-Pro* our evolving proposition organically grew towards highly sought after B2B applications. This is were our family office [link?] found its perfect fit.

In September 2020 TM-Pro proudly announced to take over the Moneyou technology platform and the associated expert team. The unified open banking solution we are now living and breathing was founded. Ready for our next exciting chapter.


Cloud native as matter of course. AWS serverless for any scale or traffic. Best-in-class tenant isolation. Highest industry standards of vetted compliancy.

And yes: superior reliability and availability.

We automate ruthlessly to not compromise on security, privacy and compliance. We do not react to technology developments. We look ahead and use these where they make sense.

We can confidently do this because we design, build and maintain our software with customer value as the key ingredient.


We are developers with business accumen. We are bankers with technology zest. We are orchestrators who know collaboration is key. Amongst ourselves, with customers and with other ecosystem partners.

We are flexible, yet strongly believe in our core values. We thrive on accomplishing quick results and building on those.

We come from many backgrounds and all share our none-wavering commitment to excellence and speed.


We do not react to market developments. We look ahead and adopt to the future where it makes sense. Business sense.

We ensure to always be ready to excel in inevitably rapidly changing ecosystems. 

Combined we possess many lifetimes of financial business context. One of the prime things that sets us apart is we do not claim to understand your business. We were your business. 

We are ready.

Ready to share our knowlegde, expertise and powerful software. 

Ready to demonstrate to you we understand your business. 

Ready for whatever tomorrow’s markets or technology will bring. 

Ready to scale and grow at any speed. 

Ready to team up and partner. 

Ready to Orchestrate your Open world.

Boost your bank with TM-Pro