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At TM-Pro, we are passionate about ensuring our customers’ success. It’s not just a goal; it’s our guiding principle. Customer success is about delivering real value, and our success stories vividly demonstrate how our products and services do exactly that. Whether it’s orchestrating complex processes, enhancing security and compliance, or fueling growth, these stories show how we’ve helped banks and financial institutions overcome challenges. Discover the potential of our fintech solutions to drive positive change in your organization.



A Data Orchestration Case

“TM-Pro has proven to be a reliable and well-informed partner that ensures our bank can securely fulfil its ongoing client and regulatory obligations to former customers

— Bart Wolffensperger IT Lead Daily Banking ABN AMRO RETAIL

ABN AMRO is one of the Netherlands’ leading banks. Their focus is on Northwest Europe. They provide banking services to retail, private and business clients. There are more than 19,000 ABN AMRO employees worldwide. Their vision is to be a personal bank in the digital age, serving clients where they have scale in the Netherlands and Northwest Europe.

TM-Pro has developed a datalake & user interface for ABN AMRO using state-of-the-art cloud native technology (e.g. Matillion and Redshift).
The solution makes historical client data operationally available in real time. TM-Pro provides this in a cost-efficient manner and with the highest industry standards of vetted security and compliance.
With this data service ABN AMRO Retail can keep managing closed client relationships and continue to fulfil all regulatory reporting requirements as long as this is required. The solution ensures any rules relating to the processing of personal data are always adhered to.

The unlocking of data and dynamic exchange with other systems (mainly Salesforce) is automated to the fullest extent. This means we never compromise on performance and prevent any delays or disruptions.
From design to implementation and running of the service, ABN AMRO has found in TM-Pro a partner that fundamentally understands banking and banking needs.



Family office case

The family office dedicated to advancing the success of the owners’ endeavours and the flourishing of the community.

Providing Payment Service and Family Portal to enable family members access to specific financial and other information on web and mobile. Information for family members is provided from different sources and managed by the family office by flexible and secure solutions.



An orchestration case

“The key to Moneyou’s success was the ability to build and use our highly innovative technology platform to manage all core complexity. This allowed us to fully focus on continuously bringing real banking value to our customers. And enabled us to launch a large amount of features with short time to market”

— Bas Boelhouwers, CEO MONEYOU

Moneyou was an award winning online bank with more than ½ million customers across 4 countries with 110 staff (around 40 in IT) and operating in the 10B+ deposits category. It has savings, payments, mortgages, consumer credit and invest in its product portfolio (note: partly external product factories).

What we have now made 100% B2B suitable as TM-Pro Orchestration was built by many brilliant minds over two years as an AWS orchestration platform.

This made it possible to be ruthlessly efficient & compliant and outsource complexity.

All focus was where it should be: customer features and excellent UX/UI at much higher speeds to market than any competition.

It made the dream of continuous deployment of new customer functionalities at lower cost, yet much higher speeds, reality. As an example of the obtained speeds-to-market:

New features would typically take 1 or 2 sprints (2-4 weeks) to ship. These would have previously taken at least 4 times as long. And been 5 times as expensive to develop and run with the number of needed core technical adaptations.

A new major product on this orchestration platform (think: credit cards) would take an estimated 3 months.

A new country including all localisations genuinely took less than 6 months.  Demonstrated by the expansion of Moneyou GO to Germany in 2018.

All with the same lean development organization.

And all without ever compromising on quality and security.



An open banking case

ASN Bank was founded in 1960. With a workforce of around 175 people, ASN is committed to fulfilling their sustainability ambitions and to providing a good service to their customers. Their customer base consists mainly of personal current account holders, savers and investors in the ASN investment funds. They also offer services to self-employed individuals and finance major sustainability projects.

TM-Pro was asked to develop data driven solution supporting the ASN clients where it matters. How to make more sustainable choices in their spending patterns.

The flexibel TM-Pro Cards channel setup allows for easy development and integration of customer specific channels. For ASN Bank we developed an adaptation of TM-Pro cards where by combining a database which scores merchants on sustainability with the TM-Pro merchant database we were able to score the spending patterns of the ASN clients on sustainability. Additionally we were able to make suggestions on how to improve their choices and increase their overall score.

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