Mobile authentication at your fingertips  

Secure and frictionless journeys for your customers while being compliant out-of-the-box. 


Mobile authentication at your fingertips

Secure and frictionless journeys for your customers while being compliant out-of-the-box. 


Mobile authentication

Customers expect a safe and seamless experience as they interact with your financial services while you handle their sensitive data. For financial institutions, this means balancing customer experience, security, and compliance. Many financial institutions struggle with this. Fortunately, we can take care of that for you with TM-Pro Seamless Authentication. 


CIAM Challenges

The world is experiencing a rise in fraud and security incidents, where financial institutions were not spared. This led to enormous financial and reputational damage which financial institutions still feel. Another big challenge is the ever-increasing regulatory pressure on financial institutions (e.g. PSD2, GDPR, eIDAS) which is a difficult challenge to navigate. On top of this, customers demand better friction-free customer journeys. They want to interact with their financial institution anytime and anywhere. Security, customer experience, and compliance are also interconnected. It is not sufficient to focus on only one or two. Financial institutions need to balance all three.  


Overcoming these challenges

In order to balance security, compliance, and customer experience financial institutions should focus on implementing secure and frictionless journeys for customers. Start with the mobile environment, which is already secure, and focus on providing the best customer experience whilst only performing essential checks that affect their journey in a minimal way. By having a range of authentication means, the minimum level of assurance can always be requested at the appropriate time whilst maintaining compliance. A good example of this is to implement passwordless solutions such as biometrics, or multi-factor authentication. 


TM-Pro Seamless Authentication 

We offer easy-to-implement seamless authentication, available as SDKs or APIs which help your developers make use of the newest means of authentication. We take away the hassle of assessing and implementing new authentication means that meet the latest regulatory requirements. This means you can focus on your core business: offering financial services. By consuming our service, you can rely on us to provide a range of PSD2 SCAcompliant authentication means that come with the least amount of friction for your customers. We can, for example, uniquely identify all your customer’s devices, and offer knowledge-based and biometric authentication. When the world changes, we change with it.


CIAM by TM-Pro

Get to market fast

Skip implementing new compliant authentication means yourself. You will continuously have access to the best and the latest


Reduce the costs of having subject matter experts on your payroll and get access to an elastic platform that scales up and down based on your needs

Out-of-the-box Compliant

No longer spend time on compliancy, we only offer fully compliant means of authentication

Better customer experience

Consumers experience the least amount of friction possible when interacting with you.

Focus on your core

We will focus on seamless authentication so you can focus on your core business

Boost your bank with TM-Pro